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    Arriving and being comfortable

  • Welcome

    this is not only how you start your day,
    but also your virtual stay at Vision Park.

  • Welcome

    ...to a special place with special people.

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Working outdoors

Fresh air inspires

Our beautiful Japanese garden offers the perfect surroundings for active group work, effective brainstorming, discussion groups and many more.

If the weather is good, simply hold your event outdoors.
Our service team will provide you with cold refreshments and any other individual wishes.

Relaxation and tranquility

Relaxation in wonderful ambience

To achieve a symbiosis of excitment during work-intensive times and relaxation in the evenly
important break times is our goal.

Because of that we welcome you on our sun terraces and in our modern lounge areas with great music and love for details.

With a cup of coffee, you can enjoy the many tasty treats our kitchen crew daily prepares for you and your guests with passion.

Use this special time just for you... because it simply feels good.

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