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Vision Park - The idea

The idea for this special concept, which our house is based on, relies on impressions that our General Manager Petra Dassler, who herself was training for many years in different companies and hotels, collected and documented for herself.

She started reflecting what she liked and disliked about each training location, which effect meeting rooms, the location in total, the service and the meal options had on all the participants and in which way the success of the event was relying on the training location itself.

For more then three years she quietly worked on her own idea of a special location, which explicitly should not be a hotel. A place where you find perfect conditions for working, thinking and being creative, concentrated and productive as well.

A place where business people can exclusively be on their own.

The Dassler Family

Once Mrs. Dassler had finished the concept and presented it to her husband by telling him “Let's do this”, the foundation of Vision Park was laid.

Mr. Jörg Dassler who, as grandson to Rudolf Dassler, founder of the PUMA company, grew up in a very innovative environment, supported this special idea from the first moment on and so the Dassler family can now look back on an 18 year long and successful business history.

With Ms. Nathalie Dassler, their daughter, who successfully finished her international studies with a focus on event-, convention- and congress-management, the foundation for the future of the house was also created.

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